A natural language processor, like ChatGPT, is an artificial intelligence technology that understands, generates, and responds to human language in a conversational manner. They work in a conversational, web chat setting and are designed to comprehend context, sentiment, and nuances in text, enabling more human-like interactions with machines.

  1. Generate content for a website– “Write the opening page for my website about cold water therapy education”

  2. Come up with a name for your business – “What are some creative ways to name my pool cleaning and maintenance business?”

  3. Slogans – “Come up with 5 variations of T-shirt slogans for my summer camp. Build upon something like ‘little hands make big changes’”

  4. Website ideas – “What are some profitable business ideas including one or more of these topics: X, Y, Z”

  5. Blog posts/articles – “Write me a blog post about introductory home gardening”

  6. Research outlines – “Create me an outline for my research in mammal nutrition”

  7. Expand Notes – “Expand these bullet points into an essay on the subject: [paste below your bullet point notes]”

  8. Recipes – “Give me a list of recipes to try based off of these ingredients in my fridge/pantry: …”

  9. Home Exercises – “Give me a list of exercises I can do from home with a doorframe pull up bar and a yoga mat”

  10. Resume Screening– “Sort incoming resumes by skills: acting, singing, and dancing.”

  11. Email Sorting– “Categorize incoming emails into folders: Urgent, Client Feedback, New Opportunities.”

  12. Automated Scheduling– “Set an appointment with Client XYZ for next Tuesday at 3 PM based on their email request.”

  13. Language Translation– “Translate this email from Japanese to English.”

  14. Content Summarization– “Summarize this 10-page contract into a one-page overview.”

  15. Grammatical Editing– “Correct grammatical errors in this email.”

  16. Predictive Text for Email- “Suggest sentence completions for this email draft.”

  17. Keyword Extraction– “Extract relevant keywords from this project proposal.”

  18. Skill Matching– “Analyze and match our applicant’s’ skills to these job openings.”

  19. Interactive Storytelling– “Design an interactive storytelling demo for our new project.”

  20. Fake News Detection– “Analyze this article to determine its likelihood of being factually accurate.”

  21. Narrative Evaluation– “Assess the plot structure of this script for originality and pacing.”

  22. Emotion Detection in Text– “Analyze the emotional tone in emails exchanged with Client DEF.”

  23. Facilitate Team Communication– “Summarize the main talking points from today’s team meeting.”

  24. Travel Recommendations– “Based on user reviews, recommend the top 5 tourist destinations in New York City.”

  25. Book Recommendations– “Based on my reading history, recommend other books that are similar in genre and tone.”